The members of the Association undertake to abide by the following code of conduct:

  • 1. Members must always have due regard for the integrity of the Association and must not
    • Engage in conduct which is dishonest or otherwise discreditable to the Association.
    • Engage in conduct which is prejudicial to the business of shipping agency.
    • Engage in conduct, which is likely to diminish public confidence in the Association and / or its members or otherwise bring Association into dispute.
  • 2. Members must always comply with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai in all aspects of their daily business.
  • 3. Members are to follow provisions of any and all Articles of Association and by laws, which may be formulated from time to time by the Association.
  • 4. Members will be requested to participate in and contribute to the activities of the Association in order to ensure full benefits from memberships.
  • 5.
         (a) Members are required to maintain a high standard of ethics and professional conduct in their business activities.
        (b) Members must adhere to internationally accepted standards and practices in the delivery of cargoes and in the issuance of documents.
        (c) Members are expected to comply with international conventions and maritime laws.
  • 6. Members will promote encourage better understanding, co-ordination and communications between fellow members, local authorities and/or interested parties.
  • 7. Members will endeavor to apply local agency charges within guidelines as laid down from time to time by the Dubai Shipping Agents' Association