General Overview: The DUBAI SHIPPING AGENTS ASSOCIATION (DSAA) is a brainchild of reputable members of the Shipping Agents' community in Dubai who, with the support of the Director of the Department of Ports & Customs, identified the need for a joint representation of shipping agents doing business in the ports of Dubai.

The Dubai Shipping Agents Association is a non- profit organization, not engaged in any commercial activity. In essence, it provides a forum for members to pool information, focus on items of general concern / interest, facilitate interaction with the Government Authorities and / or other relevant bodies, and foster the future development of the shipping industry in Dubai.

The main objectives are to:
  • promote the joint interests of the shipping agents' community in Dubai.
  • assist in the advancement of the shipping industry.
  • regulate and promote sound business ethics and professional / appropriate conduct among registered shipping agents, in conjunction with the relevant government authorities.
  • foster and strengthen the relations and co - operation between shipping agents, the customs authorities and other governmental, national and international trade organizations.
  • promote the systematic and orderly training of a core of professionally qualified personnel and maintain and upgrade such skills that contribute to the shipping industry.
  • do all things or such other acts which the Executive Committee may consider desirable and necessary in the interests of the registered agents.